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Test Drive

Rapid Announce 10 Day Trial
Take Rapid Announce for a 10-day test drive, the specifics are below.

Rapid Announce does not use VoIP; all incoming and outgoing lines are T1 telephone line service so your contacts will benefit from a clear crisp call on every call. Usage is good for the 48 contiguous States and District of Columbia, does not include AK, HI or US Territories. During the trial period usage is ($.05) 5 cents per minute. Usage billed in increments of 6 seconds and you pay only for usage on the connected calls. The usage is in blocks of 1000 minutes (1000 x $.05) $50 payable in advance with a credit card (MC, Visa, Discover, and Amex). The minimum block is 1000 minutes.

Six-second billing increments enable you to send 2,000 Thirty-Second messages, that is a cost of 2.5 cents per message during the Trial Period Our trial pricing is more cost effective than most voice messaging services “special” volume pricing because we bill in 6-second increments after the initial 6 seconds.

Additional blocks of usage maybe purchased for your Trial. Any unused minutes for the additional blocks purchase in excess of the initial 1000 minutes will be credit back to the same credit card account number used in the transaction. You Pay for only what you use and pay only for usage on the connected calls.

Toll-Free Number’s used during the trial period are from a pool. During the trial period, toll free numbers are from a pool and all toll-free numbers returned to the pool after 10-day trial. If you wish, to extend your trial and continue using the same toll free number or use that toll free number in an actual campaign, please contact us.