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Reach People The Rapid Announce Way

Rapid Announce is a voice messaging system allows you to reach thousands of contacts with personalized messages within minutes. Rapid Announce gives you calling speed and capacity without any capital outlay. Rapid Announce is web-based, so there are no set-up fees, no hardware to buy, no software to buy, no maintenance costs, no minimum usage requirements, no training or service fees, and no recording costs.

Our Web based framework allows you to conduct your campaign from any location, at any time, using a computer connected to the internet. Not only does Rapid Announce offer the most cost effective means of mass communication, we also provide personalized attention; by continuously, adding features that our customers request. Reach people quickly, easily, and cost-effectively… the Rapid Announce way.

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Rapid Announce… Simple, Efficient, Effective, Economical

Since Rapid Announce is web-based, it is easy to establish an account and begin conducting messaging campaigns. Only a telephone or a web-enabled computer is required to obtain a user name and password. Once you establish your account, you can easily create a call group, record your message, and send the message at your convenience. Learn More…